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Bermuda National Gallery | The Bermuda Collection

Bermuda National Gallery

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    City Hall & Arts Centre
    17 Church Street
    Hamilton, Bermuda


The Bermuda Collection

THE BERMUDA COLLECTION Range: Bermuda, 1680s - 2008
This permanent collection is a concise history of the development of the fine and decorative arts in Bermuda over the last 350 years. Visitors will view art from across historical periods while the show represents a wide variety of techniques, subjects and media. A cursory scan of the Gallery reveals the transitions that Bermuda’s arts community has undergone; this exhibition will help contextualise the turning points. Be aware that the selection of artwork is greatly restricted due to space constraints. The Bermuda Collection can be broken down into different areas:

  • The development of architecture
  • Decorative Arts - furniture and silverware
  • The influence of the itinerant painters
  • The influence of the military
  • The first Bermudian artists
  • The influence of tourism on Art in Bermuda
  • The influence of globalization on  Contemporary Art in Bermuda
  • New Acquisitions 

As it is a revolving exhibition, the artworks on display vary from season to season.
Our Bermuda collection allows for interraction with our past and present within the confines a national gallery/museum space. The chronological display of our Bermuda Collection allows one to see the progression of our history through the arts as well as valued, points in history that were largely captured due to the expression of the various mediums employed by the artists.
It is our aim that teachers and curriculum builders will use our Bermuda collection as a part of the class learning experience.
Come and be inspired!

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